CISEACH | An Embodied Manifesto

Preview: Backstage (Longford) Saturday 15 June 2024
Premiere: Project Arts Centre (Dublin) Thursday 20, Friday 21 & 22 June 2024
Running time: 60 mins

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We are in shambles.

Ciseach is a pulsating contemporary incantation weaving together a tapestry of dance, rhythm, live music and voice that seeks to rekindle our broken relationship with the land.

Ciseach looks to the body, to the collective, in search of a new path as the ground beneath us yields. This stirring new work by CYD is an embodied manifesto – urging us to re-member, to re-connect with our past, with nature and with each other. Collecting fragments of native wisdoms, myths and kinships, Ciseach pieces together possible futures to build the wattled causeway, the ciseach to guide us to solid ground.

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Director & Choreographer
Catherine Young
created in collaboration with: 

Hanna Slttne

Music Director
Martin Schrer

Dance collaborators
Nana-YAA Appiah, Diarmuid Armstrong Mayock, Valentin Lemaitre, Emily Nicolaou, Simone O’Toole, Carmen Palacios Sáenz

Original Music created in collaboration
Martin Schrer, Henning Fuchs,Jess Kavanagh, Mícheál O’Dubhghaill, Fionn O’Neill, Jon Sanders

Set Design
Sabine Dargent

Lighting Design
Sarah Jane Shiels 

Costume Design
Cherie White 

Sound & Sound design
Alan Kelly


Production Manager
Michael Stapleton

Chief Lx
Avram Rosewood

Stage Manager
Orla Kelly Smith

Set build
Philip Dawson

Pato Cassinoni 

Designer- posters /fliers
Clare Lynch

Kate Bowe Communications

Emer Casey 

Kristyn Fontanella 

Funded by The Arts Council Arts Grant Fund, Backstage Theatre & Kerry County Council with supported from Project Arts Centre & Shawbrook Dance.

*No trees were felled in the creation of this work and all set materials will be reused/upcycled